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Indoor Led Housing Light Manufacturers Recessed Dimmable Downlight

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Recessed downlights are designed to sit flush with the surface of the wall, keeping all fixtures and wiring hidden, giving for a sleek and polished finish. 

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Create mood lighting in any room with the Laviki Architectural Recessed Downlight. Its coated reflector maximizes your available light and provides an even distribution throughout a room. It has a color rendering index of up to ≥80 to reveal the true colors and architectural details of any commercial setting.

Create the perfect ambience and gentle lighting with our Laviki downlight. It is easy on the eyes and reduces glare.

LWQ-Q019 (12)
LWQ-Q019 (11)

With the right lighting, you can create subtle effects to emphasize surfaces, such as wall washing or spotlighting. The right combination of light and color can elevate any space and create a real sense of atmosphere.

It is designed to highlight statement artworks and unique architectural features, with a narrow beam angle and gimbal variant for the perfect accent lighting solution.

Model No. LWQ-Q019 Beam Angle 60 Degrees
Finish Color White Installation Recessed Mounted
Input Power 5W /7W /12W /20W Certification CE,TUV,SAA
LED Light Source Osram2835 (3000K/4000K/5000K) Warranty 3 Years
LED Driver Regular / Coie Material Aluminum
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