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A few things you need to know about LED track lights

LED track lighting is probably the most popular illumination method for contemporary lighting projects. It can be used in almost any situation or space and is perfect for ambient or general lighting, task lighting, or other objects of interest.

What Is Track Lighting?
Track lighting is a type of lighting that involves attaching light fixtures anywhere on a continuous track. This means that you can draw light anywhere it’s set. Generally, they are used as spotlights in places where accent lighting is required.

Track lamps can be divided into single-circuit track lights and dual-circuit track lights.
Single circuit track lights operate all track light heads with one circuit, which means they are all controlled by the same switch at the same time. Dual circuit track lights have two separate circuits, which means some lights are controlled separately from others.
For example, some track heads can be set to ambient lighting, while others can be set to accent lighting for a nearby picture.

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Track bars are divided into 2-line track bars, 3-line track bars, and 4-line track bars. Among them, single-circuit track lights include 2-wire and 3-wire track lights, while 4-wire track lights belong to dual circuits track lights. In terms of safety, 3-wire track lights will be better than 2-wire track lights. And if you need 0-10V or DALI dimmable track lights, you can only use 4-wire track headers and 4-wire track strips.

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What are the advantages of led track lights?
• Long lifetime: The lifespan of LED track lights can reach at least 30,000 hours.
• Convenient and easy:Their power is supplied through wires that run inside the track itself. To swap out the fixtures after you install track lighting anytime.
• LED track lights can be customized. It is easy to adjust or redesign the size and number of lights according to your needs.
• Provide a specific light for any area. They can be installed anywhere and use the luminaire to direct the light where you need it.

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How do you choose our high-quality led track lights?
• Selection of suitable track heads for led track lights. For example, if the existing track is 2-wire, you can only buy the track head corresponding to the 2-wire track light.

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• High brightness. A good led track light should be with top-quality led chips with high lumens, it will save much energy, and provide more brightness.

• High CRI. Track lights are usually used to highlight the characteristics of objects and restore the real situation of objects. The higher the display index, the higher the ability to restore the real situation of the object.

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In addition, when choosing a track lighting system, you will first need to calculate the length of the track needed as well as the numbers of track lights required. A track light rail consists of a liner track, joints, and sometimes T-connectors. Besides the track, you will also need to calculate the total wattage the circuit is capable of carrying and not exceed this wattage (normally use up to 80% of the total allowed wattage).

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Here at Laviki, we offer a wide range of LED track Lights and accessories that will easily fit any decor. In addition, this form of lighting we can be custom-made for your particular installation requirements.

If you need more information, please contact us by email sales001@lavikiledlight.com. Of course, you can also continue to browse our other product lines to choose the perfect lighting fixture for your home.

Post time: Feb-22-2023