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Decorative Modern SMD Lamp Surafce Mounted Downlight LED Track Light

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It can be applied to a wide range of scenario needs, home, office formula, restaurant, supermarket, exhibition, etc. 

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Lighting is what we use every day in our home life, however, many people actually do not know that lighting and lighting are two concepts, with the improvement of people's quality of life, home life in addition to meet the basic lighting requirements, we will require lighting to provide us with more needs.

Directly with the track light is more than good, the spotlight can point where to hit, no more lighting dead ends, light down, the ceiling hidden in the dark, but also to enhance the height of the floor. For larger spaces, you can go straight back to the track to ensure there are no dead spots in the lighting.It has everything you want in terms of premium, layering, comfort and even design.

LWQ-Q077-03 Track (18)
LWQ-Q077-03 Track (5)

The most important feature of track lighting is that the angle of illumination can be adjusted to focus the light on the key areas of illumination. As a decorative light fixture, the tracklight not only plays a leading role in the overall illumination, but also provides local light. Track lighting is a type of spotlight. Like the spotlight, the track light also serves to create atmosphere and supplement light.

In addition to positive white, warm white and natural light, some of the track lights are also available in three colours to meet different installation needs.

Model No. LWQ-Q077-03 Beam Angle 120 Degrees
Finish Color Sandy Black / Sandy White Installation Track / Surface Mounted
Input Power 12W /18W Certification CE,TUV,SAA
LED Light Source Osram2835
Warranty 3 Years
LED Driver Regular / Eaglerise Material Aluminum
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  • LWQ-Q077-03 Track (22)
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